5 Zodiac Signs That Will Be The Luckiest In 2021

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Each year, astrological events cause specific zodiac signs to experience great luck, fortune, and happiness. Some zodiac signs might experience some unfortunate events and circumstances. Some years are especially auspicious and favorable years for specific zodiac signs, as there can be some powerful astrological influences working in their favor. We have looked at the astrological transits of the year 2021, and we have summarized which five zodiac signs will be the luckiest in the year 2021 based on astrology.

1. Aquarius

The outer planets Jupiter and Saturn will be moving through your sign this year, and this is excellent news. Jupiter will make you more generous, friendly, and likable to be around. There will likely be many opportunities for abundance headed your way, and you will attract many good experiences toward yourself through your optimistic attitude. Your health and vitality are at their best this year, and you will find you have endless amounts of energy to explore that which you wish to explore. Achieving your goals will be much more accessible, as you will possess more inner confidence, and you will rarely doubt yourself. Jupiter will bless you with a powerful presence, making you somewhat unforgettable, and you will likely have a substantial impact on everyone you come into contact with.

Saturn will bless you with the gift of perseverance and dedication this year. You will be able to maturely and realistically assess your goals, and you will be able to implement the structures in your life that you need to achieve success. You will likely have to work very hard this year, and you will probably be under alot of pressure, but you possess the strength and focus this year to make your mark and apply yourself in order to gain massive rewards in the end.

2. Taurus

Uranus has been in your sign since 2019. The influences of the planets in Aquarius this year will usher significant changes in your life that lead to your ultimate happiness and liberation in the end. You would’ve noticed since 2019, many sudden unexpected changes and events have occurred in your life. Although these changes could have felt initially daunting, it has lead you to connect with and understand yourself in a way which you never have before. In 2021 you will find yourself releasing many negative habits that hold you back in life. Disruptions may occur in your life this year, but these disruptions are what you need to set yourself free. You possess the inner strength this year to overcome most obstacles you will face. You are more open to changes now, and this year your life will change in many ways you would never have expected.

3. Gemini

Saturn and Jupiter are transiting through the house that governs over your higher mind and spiritual values this year, and you will undergo a significant shift and transformation regarding how you view the world. Your primary focus will be to find some meaning and purpose you can connect with, and alot of time will be spent on either religious, spiritual, or philosophical studies to gain insight. Your spirituality and beliefs will be a serious topic this year, and you can find yourself traveling regularly or enrolling in courses or classes that allow you to expand your perception of the world and see things differently. You will likely meet many interesting people this year who will teach you priceless lessons and open your eyes to things you never even would have thought existed.

The North Node of the Moon will be moving through your sign this year, and this will allow your true self to emerge. You will likely change your appearance this year, and you will head into a whole new direction in life as you change your life to be in alignment with your spiritual values. It will seem as if everything is falling into place in your life this year, and you know exactly who you are and what you need to do. Finding your ultimate purpose and meaning in this world is accessible to you in 2021.

4. Libra

Saturn and Jupiter are moving through your house of fun, happiness, and creativity this year! In terms of happiness and good times, this year is one for the books! Your creative expression will be a source of great fulfillment this year, but it can also lead to some stress and grey hairs now and then. You will have to apply alot of energy and focus in order to create and manifest something worthwhile, but it will be worth it in the end. The creative juices are flowing through your veins this year! Luckily, you will possess the perfect blend of creative vision and stability to allow your creative vision to bring you something fruitful in life, and you can even make a career out of your hobby this year if you work hard at it! For many Libras, this year can denote a time of birth and creation, which means there can be a birth or a new addition to the family that brings you much joy and happiness!

5. Capricorn

The influences of Jupiter and Saturn will lead you to have a financially stable year in 2021. Your self-esteem and sense of self-worth are high, allowing you to attract and manifest abundance in your life. There can be a sudden increase in your cash flow, allowing you more access to disposable income. Luckily, you will know how to plan very well financially, and you will also be able to pay off debts and save and invest in having a more secure future. You will definitely be rewarded for your hard work and effort in 2021, and your blood, sweat, and tears you have put into your work will pay off this year. In the past, it could’ve felt like the energy you put into the work that you do has lead to nothing. This year this will change, and you will begin to notice that the more effort you put into whatever it is you are working on, the more results you get in the end.

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