7 Signs Your Manifestation Is Coming Your Way

We are co-creators. The magic of the Universe lies within us and gives us the ability to manifest what we want. Sometimes, when we consciously manifest we wonder whether what we want is on its way to us. It helps to have a little reassurance from time to time, so it’s good to understand the signs that your manifestation is coming.

If waiting turns into worrying, fear not. Keep watching for 7 signs that your manifestation is on its way to you.

  1. It’s All Around You.
    Everywhere you turn you see the thing that you are manifesting. If it’s a car you want to attract you start to see it constantly on the road. If it’s a jacket you want, suddenly you notice that everyone is wearing it. This is a synchronicity from the Universe. It is appearing so often because your attention is exactly where it should be. When you want to manifest something your focus and energy should be, on the thing that you want to attract. When you see it everywhere it is a good omen that you are on track to manifesting what you want.

Tip: When you see someone else with the thing that you want, avoid feelings of jealousy. Instead, say thank you to the Universe for giving someone else this blessing. Imagine how happy it has made them and try to feel that joy for yourself. This will speed up your manifestation and further align you with what you want to attract.

  1. Angel Numbers.
    1 1 1 1, 2 2 2 2, 7 7 7, are you seeing patterns of numbers or sequences? This is a sign that your dreams are manifesting. These Angel Numbers are messages from the above. They appear within our vicinity often to grab our attention. It is the Angel’s way of letting you know that you are on the right path. They will appear everywhere. Billboards, clocks, magazines, or the TV – there is no place that is out of bounds. The Universe wants you to keep your positive energy going and maintain the feeling that you are manifesting your dreams.

Tip: If an Angel Number appears, say thank you to your guides. Gratitude is one of the best ways to boost your point of attraction. Offer your thanks and know that you are supported. The Angels want you to succeed and have the things that make you happy.

  1. Dreams.
    When you dip off to the land of nod it’s a time when the world seems to flow around you. However, when you are on track to manifesting what you want it may appear in your dreams. If your nights are full of visions of your desires then it is a sign that you are manifesting it into your experience. The rate at which you are attracting your goals is strong if it appears when you are awake and asleep. When you dream it acts as a portal to the next dimension. Seeing what you want to attract in your dreams is a message from above that it is coming your way.

Tip: Write what you want to manifest on a piece of paper and place it under your pillow. Then, before you go to sleep, visualize what you want. This will align your vibration to what you want. You are influencing the manifestation of what you want. Happy dreaming!

  1. The Puzzle Comes Together.
    A sign that your manifestation is coming is if everything seems to fall into place. All the necessary steps to getting what you want are suddenly laid out in front of you. When you are attracting your goals the Universe will make everything come together. Every piece in the jigsaw will be taken care of. This is a clear sign that what you want is manifesting. The Universe would not work to make it happen if it wasn’t meant to be. You have made your intention clear and so you are drawing it to you.

Tip: While everything is being built brick by brick keep seeing the bigger picture. Let the image of what you want to manifest be clear in your mind.

  1. Gifts From Our Guardians.
    The heavens can leave us gifts that let us know that we are in tune with our desires. If you find feathers and coins everywhere then it may be a sign that your manifestation is on its way. If you are seeing coins then it indicates that the money you need is coming, it is a symbol of wealth and abundance. If feathers seem to be floating around you it is your Angels’ way of telling you that what you want is coming. You can also receive other signs such as music or the scent of perfume. When we are given signs they are relevant to us. You will know exactly what it means when it appears.

Tip: If you have received gifts from above leave an offering in its place. Write out a note of thanks for leaving you the sign and for bringing you your manifestation. You might just find that it has disappeared when you return.

  1. Intuition.
    If you have a feeling that you’re about to attract what you want it is a good sign. Our higher self can give us an insight into what is coming. The pictures that are given to us through our third eye can give us visions of the future. If you can feel it you will receive it. Trust your gut. We have been given the ability of foresight to keep us on track. If something inside of you knows that what you want is coming then it absolutely will!

Tip: Hold on to the feeling that your intuition brings and meditate on it. Close your eyes and let the sensation of having what you want fill you up. Believe that it is yours and connect with your desires. This will amplify out into the Universe and speed up your manifestation.

  1. Positive Vibes.
    When every day feels like a good day this is a great sign. The more positive our emotional state is the more in alignment we are with our desires. When you feel so good where nothing can shake you your dreams will manifest. This is an indication that what you want is right around the corner. Feel good and live your best life. Even when you’re not thinking about your wishes you feel fantastic. Tap into this feeling of euphoria and let it flow.

Tip: Continue to feel good. Do everything and anything that brings you joy. Take part in your favorite hobbies, see people that make you smile, and visit places that light up your spirit. Amplify your happiness and manifest your desires.

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