Arigato Money In, Arigato Money Out: What Is the Arigato Money Technique and How Can It Help You With Your Finances?

Have you ever bought something and regretted it instantly? This is usually referred to as “buyer’s remorse,” but could there be another reason you aren’t satisfied with your purchase? Money spent in a bad mood, or with negative intentions, is Unhappy Money. Whereas buying something in a peaceful state, or with good intentions in mind, is Happy Money. This is the basic ethos behind the Arigato Money Technique.

So, now that you know what the Arigato Money Technique is let’s have a look at who invented it and how it can help you with your daily finances and well-being.

Who Invented The Arigato Money Technique? 

Introducing Ken Honda, the Japanese millionaire, author and inventor of The Arigato Money Technique. Ken spent his childhood helping out at his father’s accountancy practice where, even at a young age, he noticed how some of the clients were irritable and always in a rush, while others seemed to go about their day calmly and without stress. Guess which clients had more money and seemed more content? That’s right, the relaxed, stress-free clients. This difference in people’s attitudes fascinated Ken all throughout his early life until one day at a party, a young woman referred to the money in his wallet as “happy money.” Thus, the concept of Happy Money was born!

Ken himself grew up to become a very successful accountant and consultant but never forgot about his experiences as a child. One day, when he witnessed a mother taking her child home from the park because she was stressed about getting to work on time, he decided he wanted to change people’s perceptions, and by extension their lives, by altering the way they viewed their money. From that moment, Ken devoted his life to developing the Arigato Money Technique and has sold millions of copies of his books on the subject, including Happy Money: The Japanese Art of Making Peace with Your Money.

How Does The Arigato Money Technique Work?

So now you know a little about the man, let’s take a closer look at the mantra! “Arigato” means Thank You in Japanese, and even silently saying Thank You over your money when you buy something or pay for a service activates the law of circulation, otherwise known as Gresham’s Law. While Gresham’s Law mainly focused on “good money” and “bad money” in terms of coins and commodities, Happy Money and Unhappy Money focuses more on the positive or negative energy we release when receiving or spending money.

Remember the buyer’s remorse? If you were truly grateful for spending that money and said, “thank you” as you were parting with your cash, wouldn’t that instantly make you feel better? Money is like energy, except that we have the choice to decide whether we omit positive or negative thoughts about our money. The next time you buy bread or milk at the store, say “thank you” to your money for providing these staples in your life.

We all experience a range of emotions surrounding money. Who hasn’t had money troubles in the past? You’ve probably been thinking about something to do with money today. In the world we live in, this is natural but there’s no benefit to worrying. See how your mood will change if you stop fretting over money and be thankful for what you have now and how it benefits your life. Do you have a roof over your head? Food in the fridge? A date with friends at a bar next week? Your money has provided you with those things; it might be time to say “Thank You.”

Money IQ vs. Money EQ

Being smart with your money is always a good idea. If you invest cleverly, you should have a good return on your investment, right? That’s strong money IQ and it may be true in terms of crude cash, but how do you view this wealth that you’ve amassed? It’s your behavior around money that builds money EQ. Were you happy to invest the money in the first place? Is the investment going to benefit you or people are around you in another way, other than financially? By spending this money, does it give you the freedom to focus on more joyful areas of your life? Spending time with loved ones, building and working on relationships, opening yourself up to new experiences and opportunities: all these things are more important than the contents of your wallet. If the original investment you made gives you the chance to spend more time doing the things you love, it’s a good investment in terms of money EQ. Building strong money EQ will eventually mean that, even if you lose capital, you will appreciate what that money gave you in other ways and the financial loss won’t hurt as much.

The key to strong money EQ is gratitude and appreciation. If you can instill these two things into your relationship with money, you will make peace and increase your money flow.

What is Money Flow? 

Money is all around us, like energy, and we can increase our money flow by having a strong EQ and attracting more money our way. Who do you think is happier and earns more money? Someone who gets up in the morning with a positive outlook, ready to meet new people, building on new and current relationships, both personal and professional and who is appreciative of any new opportunities that might spring up? Or someone who travels to work with their head down, avoiding eye contact with others and who wants to get in and out of the office as quickly as possible and home again, so that they can count down the days until the weekend? If you said the first person, you’d be right. A steady job and regular income are both privileges to be thankful for, but taking them for granted and not enjoying the benefits they bring can leave a person feeling unfulfilled and stuck in a rut. If the second person said “thank you” to the money in their bank account, it would change their outlook and turn their income into Happy Money, and each penny spent would send out positive energy and encourage better money flow.

The more time you spend with friends, family and colleagues, the more relationships you strengthen and the more possibilities for positive experiences and financial gain will flow towards you. Not to mention, if all the money in your life is Happy Money, you are sending positive energy back into the world when you spend it which will increase your money flow and build up your money EQ.

So How Do I Start Using The Arigato Money Technique Today?

If you’ve read this far, you already have all the tools you need to start implementing the Arigato Money Technique in your life right now!

Simply changing the way you view your money, however much or however little you have, will have a profound effect on your finances and overall well-being. Stop concentrating on money IQ and how you can make more cash, and instead, focus on what you’re spending your money on: does it make you happy? Will it benefit those around you? Are you grateful and appreciative of being able to spend this money? If you answered “no” to any of these, perhaps you should rethink. Maybe you could save that money and put it to better use elsewhere. By only sending Happy Money into the world, you will be pleased with every purchase you make, big or small, and will strengthen your money EQ.

Remember, Happy Money is charged with positive energy and will bring more peace and tranquility into your life as well as others’. If there was only Happy Money in the world, it would eliminate the stresses and strains caused by Unhappy Money. Let go of your past money troubles and heal your money wounds. You can create Happy Money this second! Open your wallet: if there’s $100 in there, ask yourself what you can do with it to make the lives of you and others better. If you can’t think of anything, don’t worry; save it. Be grateful that you have it. If there’s $1 in there, be thankful too. That dollar could buy someone a hot coffee on a cold day.

It’s not how much money you have now. Money, like energy, changes and you will spend your life always having more or less money from one day to the next. Be appreciative of how much you have now, and how much you might have tomorrow. If you’re saving, have fun imagining how you’re going to spend that money and create happy thoughts around it. If you’re in financial difficulty at the moment, have faith that this is only temporary and that your situation will change. Happy Money is coming your way. Introducing the Arigato Money Technique into your life today will enrich your money EQ and increase the flow of Happy Money your way. And please, always say “thank you.” Or, in Ken’s own language, Arigato.

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