Four Ways To Develop Intuition

With the constant hustle and bustle of life, we often rely much on our logic and reasoning. Many people tend to see life’s events linearly. However, we must understand that life itself doesn’t unfold linearly. Instead, we just perceive things occurring linearly. There are many variables at play simultaneously that can affect the outcome of a specific matter. A major variable happens to be our mind, both conscious and subconscious thinking. 

 Our minds are incredibly powerful and even have the ability to pick up on certain energetic patterns. Our minds do this through intuition, a mental process many people can relate to experiencing at some point in their lives. If someone feels adverse to someone or something without any tangible or conscious reasoning, this could very well be their intuition acting on their behalf. This may sound like an internal instinct. However, intuition differs from instinct in that instinct is a biologically hardwired and innate tendency. 

What is Intuition? 

 In short, intuition is the ability to acquire knowledge without conscious reasoning. Intuition has also been described as hunches. With intuition, you are not making an assumption as there is no analytic reasoning or conscious thought. However, intuition feels more like an ‘inner knowing.’ One may not know how, when, or why they have a knowing when it comes to a subject, but they feel a level of conviction nonetheless. Not only is intuition a transformative gift, but it also offers many benefits when tapped into. 

 For example, with manifesting one’s desires, they must understand the law of attraction. In The Secret, Rhonda Byrne explains how everything in our universe, including our thoughts, carry a specific frequency. Our thoughts and perceptions attract to us what we want or more of what we do not want. Just like intuition, the universe doesn’t function in the sequence or order in which we perceive. And, there are ways to manipulate the energies to create the life we desire to live. 

 When we pay close attention to that “gut feeling” and those “hunches,” we’re able to bypass variables that may be acting as obstacles in our lives. Take intuition has the stepping stones from direct source to the final destination of one’s dreams. Another great book that expresses the journey to fulfillment is The Alchemist where the universe sends the shepherd boy omens along his journey. One can even see their intuitive messages as omens, allowing them to traject where they are on their path. 

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. – Paul Coelho 

Four Ways to Develop Intuition 

Because we are so accustomed to thinking linearly and analyzing logically, developing intuition may take a little bit of time. It’s very easy to adapt habits of mindfulness in order to tap into that sixth sense. The following a couple of powerful ways to develop intuition: 


 Our minds are constantly absorbing everything we experience, hear, and see. Our experiences in life help shape who we are. However, sometimes it is good to get away from everything and everyone else. People often project their fears, desires, prejudices, biases, envy, etc. onto us. If we aren’t careful, we’ll begin to internalize many of these projections and have negative subconscious thoughts. Both subconscious thoughts and conscious thinking can interfere with developing intuition. One should practice solitude and being in silence. This allows a person to become more mindful and detach from unhealthy ideas, habits, and beliefs. When there are fewer people in one’s ear, they can hear their true voice much clearer. 

Practice Presence 

The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation, but your thoughts about it. – Eckhart Tolle 

 As stated with the law of attraction, our experiences have a direct correlation to the thoughts we have. Practicing being present not only helps in manifesting one’s desire, but it also helps one to tap into their intuition or ‘higher self.’ The average person has approximately 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day. Many of these thoughts are reoccurring stressors, anxieties, and day to day responsibilities. Either a person is ruminating over past events or anticipating future events. The mind should live in the present in order to attain intuitive abilities.

 When we have present awareness, we receive prevalent intuitive messages and healing. However, when we live in the past, things like regret, angst, discomfort, or remembrance start to occupy our mind space. When we live in the future, things like anxiety, anticipation, fantasy, and apprehension start to occupy our minds. Many of these emotions can be blockages keeping us from hearing objectivity. This is why it is recommended for a person not to react based on their emotions as they may do or say something they will regret later on. 

Decrease Ego

 We have thoughts, but we are not our thoughts. We have emotions; however, we are not our emotions. With intuition, our sixth sense, we have to ensure that our egos are kept at bay. Our ego is what ties our thoughts to self-importance, self-esteem, and self centralized thinking. When we are so immersed in ourselves, we tend to overlook some important aspects of a situation. A deep attachment to ego is a huge obstacle for developing intuition as well as empathy. A few ways to decrease ego include adopting a beginner’s mindset, losing your pride, learning to manage yourself, do something without expectations, choosing purpose over passion, etc. 

Obedience and Action to Inner Prompting

 If a person gets a hunch or intuitive message, they should take heed to their intuition. Don’t just shrug it off as if the idea is asinine. Instead, have faith in the sixth sense and pay close attention to the events that unfold. Developing intuition is like strengthening a relationship between two people. One must dedicate their time and attention as well as take that other person seriously. Trust is eventually built when we see consistency and correspondence. It’s natural to sometimes doubt the hunches we receive, especially if we find ourselves analyzing the hunch, trying to find logical reasoning for it. However, sometimes we won’t understand our intuition, but that still doesn’t negate reliability. Intuition becomes stronger with dedicated practice and consistent effort. 

Benefits of Developing Intuition

  • Reduce anxiety and stress. By being intuitive, there is less thinking and analysis involved. There is a knowing which brings inner peace.
  • Hear your inner voice. By silencing the constant chatter of the conscious, one can gain access to more divine messages.
  • Create genuine connections. Intuition can help you navigate the inconsistencies of emotion and see people as they are.
  • Discover your purpose. With intuition comes introspection, which allows an individual to look at certain aspects within themselves and discover who they truly are.
  • Learn who to trust. Intuition helps people to develop their discernment as well. When one pays attention to their intuition, they may get the confirmation later as to the reasoning behind that “gut feeling.” This also helps that person trust themselves more. 

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