How to Communicate With the Universe & Attract What You Want! (Law of Attraction)

How to communicate with the universe and attract what you want.

The universe is made up of energy and the law of attraction at a simple level means we attract what we think, feel, and expect. You can communicate with the universe by sending out clear messages to achieve what you want and fulfill your desires just by changing your energy and setting intentions. The most important aspects are to believe, focus, and be clear with your intentions. Sending out mixed messages is a common problem because the universe responds to all of our thoughts. We’re going to tell you how to start fresh without any negativity, use a physical tool to communicate, and explain how this is possible with thoughts alone.

How to clear negative energy

Clearing your mind and space of negative energy is a necessary step before communicating with the universe. If you don’t achieve this, that’s when mixed messages are sent and the results won’t have the impact you desire. It’s one thing telling the universe what you want but it’s another to truly believe it and live and breath the message every day.

By following up and channeling your energy/thoughts/words with genuine hope and belief, you will be rewarded. For example, if you ask for good health, you shouldn’t then tell people you will never achieve this, or tell yourself this daily. The universe hears all thoughts, not just those you believe you directly send out.

There are a number of ways that you can reset your energy or at least bring yourself into a more positive mindset to start your journey. Some of the easiest and most effective ways to do this are practicing yoga, meditation, or tai chi. These ancient methods all help to calm and focus the mind; the more training you do, the easier and more natural they become over time. Now we will look at how to communicate using a physical tool or object (as a reference point).

3 ways to use a focus object to send a message to the universe.

It’s important to note that you can send a message just with your thoughts (which we’ll look at in the next section). However, many people are visual and it can help to focus on something tangible.

This approach also helps if you’re not clear in your mind about what you want. Writing it down, or choosing a specific object to focus on will help to set your intentions. Sending a message is all about your will and commitment and how strong they are.

1. Create a vision board.

A vision board (or dream board) will help you cement in your mind exactly what you want and this will also make your message to the universe crystal clear. You can set one up however you like but make sure it’s somewhere prominent in your world where you will see it every day.
For many people, creating a vision board and putting it on a wall is a great place so that you can’t miss it or forget about it. This could be in the bedroom, hallway, kitchen, or living room. You can use a piece of card, paper, or corkboard.

Some people live on their tablets or laptops, and if this applies to you, you can also create a “board” and set it as your wallpaper or background. You can make the information and words on your board as intricate or simple as you like depending on the complexity of your desire. You can also use a combination of words, pictures, and drawings.

In addition to your board, write down in one sentence precisely what you want on a piece of paper and secure this to your bathroom mirror so you see it in the morning and just before bed.

#2. Manifestation crystals.

There are different crystals that will help you obtain different goals, whether it’s love, health, finances, success, or some other desire. Crystals are very effective because they carry an electric charge that can shift the energy around us, further helping to bring about what we strive to achieve. You can wear these or carry them all the time, or place them somewhere important in your house or car. Make sure that you focus on them at least once a day repeating your intention either out loud or in your mind. This is important to do even if you are wearing them or carrying them on you so that you bring conscious awareness to them.

#3. Use an object to focus.

Similar to the crystals, without the same energy, however, is using a focus object. This can be very useful as you can choose any object that resonates with you and the message you want to send out. You can make this very literal or pick something abstract.

The main purpose of using an object is to remind you to clear your mind and set your intention daily, as many times as possible. For example, if you’re searching for love, you could have a heart-shaped keyring, wear heart earrings, or have a heart figurine that you concentrate on each day. However, you could also choose a random object like a houseplant that triggers your awareness.

Positive thoughts.

The power of the mind is endless and the best tool for changing your life and attracting what you want when harnessed to its full potential. You don’t need objects to communicate with the universe but these can be helpful for setting intentions.

You probably know people who always seem to get what they want. Perhaps you think they’re just always lucky but the truth of the matter is they believe in what they want and project it in a very clear way, even if it’s subconscious. They are also highly likely very happy individuals who are eternally grateful for things in life.

It’s important to pay attention to your mindset on a day-to-day basis and not just ask for what you want. Being thankful for the universe for having love in your life or a good job etc., or just appreciating a sunrise will reward you. The more positivity that you feel, the easier it is to connect with the universe and achieve your wishes; this is a never-ending cycle.

You’ll find that once you get into this pattern, it’s much easier to attract what you want. You can practice thinking or verbalizing what you want each day and finding other things in your life to be grateful for.

Even when times are tough, there is always something to be gracious about. It could be a small thing like having a healthy breakfast or a fresh cup of coffee, or realizing that you have a loving family or great support network of friends around you. Take some time out each day to clear any negative energy, practice gratitude, and project your desires out into the universe.

To summarize: which method is best for you?

Remember, the universe listens to all of your thoughts. To communicate and attract what you want, you only need to have a strong message and clear intention.

All of the methods that we have looked up will support this and allow for powerful communication. You don’t need to stick to one approach and you can use multiple for one intention. For example, you could wear or carry a crystal with you at all times and create a visual board.

As long as you think or say what it is you want every day, and make this your focus, your message will get through.

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