How to Find the Meaning of Life

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Most of us at some point in our lives have asked ourselves:

‘What is my purpose?’

We spend years and countless amounts of money on activities such as taking courses and going to therapy to gain a deeper understanding of the reason for our existence.

Finding meaning in life and discovering the answers to the questions that seem to plague us will give us more clarity and potentially invite more happiness into our lives. So how do we find out?

First, understand that everything that you experience in this life is unique to you. It has been theorized that we are all having our own individual experiences of what life is like and therefore we should act accordingly in our own best interests.

Start by breaking down what is important to you. What gets you up in the morning and spurs you on throughout the day? What drives you and what are your core values? Evaluate these questions and they will lead you in the direction of gaining a greater understanding of the meaning of your life.

So what happens if we don’t immediately know what is important to us? Rome wasn’t built in a day and so getting to know yourself and the cosmic journey that you are on may take some time. Don’t focus on the fact that you are unsure, take this moment to enjoy the course that you are on and open yourself up to opportunities where you can delve deeper into your psyche – expanding the knowledge that you have of yourself.

We all have the power to create our paths, the problem is when we believe that they are being built for us. We are the creators of our lives and every experience has been carefully orchestrated by ourselves – consciously and subconsciously. In order to find more meaning in our lives, we need to take the reigns and take charge of our lives instead of letting it happen to us.

This is a wonderful world full of adventure and potential and it’s time that you explored yours. If you could leave any mark on this world what would it be? Create a profile of the type of person that would achieve the things that you would like to do and work to become that person.

We live in a limitless, infinite universe where our only boundaries and blockers are the product of our beliefs as to whether or not we can achieve what we want. Arnold Patent once said, ‘We do not create abundance, we create limitations.’ Never has a saying been more true than this, we can either choose to embrace the gift of countless blessings that we have at our disposal, or we can continue to doubt our abilities and focus on the lack in our lives.

Don’t be afraid to open yourself up to new possibilities and set goals that encourage you to try something new. List the milestones that you want to fulfill and even write out all of the accomplishments that you have already achieved so far. In the search for meaning in our lives, it is easy to ignore the countless wins that we have experienced that were made possible by our determination and talents.

Don’t wait until tomorrow to do the things that you’ve always wanted to do, take action now, and let your meaning and purpose find you. Enjoy the process and seize the countless opportunities that surround you.

So after all that’s said and done, what is the meaning of life? The answer is, it’s completely up to you. There is no right or wrong answer in your quest for fulfillment, you have the power and free-will to determine and discover what your life is all about. Whether it’s helping others, exploring the world, or teaching, finding your meaning will add more value to your life. Enjoy the flow and take the time to write the story of your existence, you and only you are the author of your experiences. Make the book of your life a page-turner and fill it with love, excitement, happiness, and truth.

“The secret to life is meaningless unless you discover it yourself.”

W. Somerset Maugham

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