How To Use The 369 Manifestation Method

This article is about a strong manifestation method. The 369 manifestation method is inspired by Nikola Tesla, who many believed to have unveiled the secrets of the universe. On more than one occasion, Tesla has explained to us how significant those three numbers are.

The 369 numbers hold divinity and are completely sacred. In fact, they hold an energetic field that is sequentially magnetic. When looking at a perfect circle, you’ll notice that it can hold 360°. When a circle is divided, it is split into 369. Upon evaluating the first couple of numbers (3 and 6), you’ll realize that the sum of them both is 9. Tesla claims that if you understood the sequential magnificence of 369, then you’d be able to unlock secrets of the universe. With that said, if you would like to learn how this manifestation can deliver more positivity into your personal life and help you receive experiences that you genuinely desire, keep reading.

The 369 manifestation method happens to be a favorite of mine because of its attentiveness. You will need a notepad and a pen form this manifestation. Alternatively, you can keep a manifestation journal to chronicle your progress. Consider watching some of my scripting videos, as they explain the power and importance of a paper and pen.

The initial step in developing things you actually desire is to put together a manifestation sentence – one that you are capable of holding for 17 seconds, at the very least. What is the significance of 17 seconds, you ask? According to Abraham Hicks, if you have the ability to hold a thought and a manifestation in your mind for about 17 seconds, your brain will begin to produce more energy in line with your thoughts. Energy will flow towards what you focus on.

Our lives come with plenty of significance – it is easy to see magic in the universe when you’re willing to. Mathematically speaking, when flipping the number around (71 instead of 17), you will get the number 6 after subtracting 1 from 7. The number 6 happens to be very strong. After you’ve created a manifestation thought – one that you can hold for as long as 17 seconds – you will continue to do so for thirty days straight. After you wake up, you will write down your manifestation three times in your notepad or on a piece of paper. When we create magic using a pen and paper, we create energy, as putting things down in writing adds permanence.

Once you’ve written your manifestation sentence a few times each morning, leave it be and don’t put any more thought into it. Carry on with your day. In the middle of the day, you will write down that same manifestation sentence six more times, allowing you to experience a sense of alignment with your manifestation’s energy. As you write this sentence, visualize yourself already in possession of whatever you desire. Feel the universe providing you with abundance. After thinking about what you want, focusing on it, and keeping your feelings in sync with your thoughts, move ahead with the rest of your day.

One major aspect of manifestation involves letting things go. You will need to consciously detach yourself from certain things. Before going to bed every night, write your manifestation sentence down nine times before visualizing it. The more time you put into aligning yourself with this manifestation energy, the quicker it will come to you. It won’t be long before you realize the potential within yourself.

Mindset is the core of manifestation. The Bible claims that you should:

“be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

As such, you must ensure that your mindset is rich with positivity. Check to see how fertile your foundation’s soil is. In doing so, any seeds you plant will grow in accordance with the vibration you are putting out. The seeds growing in the subconscious mind will flourish beautifully and powerfully. According to the Bible,

“whoever works his land (his mind) will have plenty of bread” (abundance).

The manifestation sentence you create must have a length of 17 seconds, and embodying that energy is key. Consider using a number of journal prompts for your manifestation sentence – perhaps something along the lines of “thank you very much,” since you should always endeavor to begin with gratitude. You can try saying something like, “Dear God, I want to thank both you and the universe for the amazing things you are giving me. They bring me success, financial freedom, and joy. I have the privilege of working with outstanding individuals, and I am excited to provide them with beneficial services every day.” You can also say something like, “Dear universe, thank you for the thousands of dollars that continue to come my way. As a result, I have the financial means to take care of the people I love.”

The 369 manifestation method can bring whatever you want into your life. If you’re interested in manifesting more money, try saying something like, “I’m so grateful and happy to have financial freedom. Enjoying the money I earn feels great. The ability to care for my family is an amazing feeling, so I want to express my gratitude to the universe.” Write whatever you want down as long as it makes you feel good. Understand that this type of power comes from within.

Be consistent with this challenge – do it for 30 straight days. Be as specific as possible about your desires. Is there something in particular you are interested in manifesting? What sort of message are you putting out there – what vibrations is the universe getting from you, and what have you been expressing gratitude for?

Start seeing yourself not as a consumer, but a creator. It is important for you to make declarations like, “I am capable of creating the kind of life that I genuinely want.” This is feasible when you use the 369 manifestation method. Ask yourself if you are open-minded enough to make changes to your existing lifestyle. If you are, then you will be able to create a life for yourself that brings you joy.

Begin taking control of your attitude so that you can regulate your actions. Kickstart each morning with your customized manifestation. Be sure to bask in the feelings that it brings you. Focus on the energy that comes with it. Concentrate on your gratitude, knowing that you are in the process of getting what you want.

In Closing

Write down your personalized manifestation sentence a few times each morning, six different times in the middle of the day, then nine more times at night. From there, be patient and watch the things you endeavored to manifest come to fruition.

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