Manifesting 101: A 2 Minute Guide to the Law of Attraction

To describe the law of attraction, let us start somewhere completely different to most books on the subject. Let’s start with a simple but valuable question.

Do you ever take a moment to think about who you are?”

Something has happened to us in this highly materialistic,  highly driven world. We have lost touch with ourselves. This is because we forget to check in with ourselves. This is normal, even expected. We are in a sense, cut off from ourselves to a greater degree each year. We are over-connected, and connected to the wrong things. But this need not be the case for us.

Step 1: Finding Your Heart Again

The first step is to regain a childlike faith in your purpose again. This has been stated differently in many books, but it is the core foundation of everything relating to the law of attraction.

-Children often miraculously have their needs met.
-Children do not worry about matters that are yet to arise.
-Children find meaning in the present, and hardly, if ever dwell on the past.

Meditation for this step:

Quietly invite this state of childlike being back again in a quiet place for 2 minutes each day: Every time you feel your thoughts wondering, return to it.

Step 2: Send Your Intention Into The Universe

Many books are far too specific on the subject. Once you have spent these minutes meditating on what it means to find your inner capacity for renewal, the universe can begin to work to your advantage. Whether you do this in a written verbal way, or speaking it out loud, or even dancing it out, does not matter. What matters is the energy with which your send it out. Be specific in your intentions.

Action for This Step:

This is a case of asking for something specific from within the heart. What matters is that you ask specifically.

Step 3: Acceptance

Many individuals who are both practising childlike openness and have asked for their gifts earnestly, wonder why they do not manifest their desires.

It is sad that they have put in so much work of their own but have stopped short of full manifestation. Alternatively, they might find that what they had wanted is now not satisfying them.

The answer to both of these problems very often lies in the fact that, although they have made themselves channels for the abundance of the universe, they are not yet ready to accept it.

Meditation for This Step:

In which areas am I unable to accept success?  Blockages are most often a result of childhood trauma and are really blockages of faith caused by pain and disappointment in yourself or transmitted from parent to child. Fortunately, this does not require work but is actually a matter of writing positive ideas over your day to day experience until you are able to manifest the world that was destined for you before those issues arose.

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